04.01.2013 - Infrastructure Migration to Rackspace

We have completed the migration of our network and system infrastructure over to Rackspace! We are excited about this news as it will allow us to scale to grow our service.

After careful deliberation, Rackspace was selected for its proven track record as an excellent hosting company and scalability of its cloud infrastructure.

06.14.2012 - New User Interface Released

The new user interface provides a new webmail client which is more modern and easier to use for end users as well as provides account administrators with a more simpler way of configuring services for their accounts.

Also in keeping up with our support for multiple browsers, the new interface should work fine in the latest Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet explorer browsers on a PC or Mac.

11.01.2010 - API for Service Providers Released

The API can be utilized by service providers to integrate their existing web based applications, billing and CRM systems with our systems.

This allows hosting companies, internet service providers, email service providers and others the opportunity to tightly integrate their systems with us and leverage the email disaster recovery solution to provide their customers an added safety net in case of email server downtime. In addition these service providers can upsell their customers on our email continuity solution which will provide them the same type of email access they are used to in case of an outage, all under a private labeled system.

"With the release of our API and coupling that with our system that can be private labeled for service providers, it really provides them an avenue where they can sell more services to their customers and also prevent them from losing any critical email," says Masood Rahim, Founder and CEO. "Our service continues to be critical to our customers and partners who do not want to spend thousands of dollars in additional infrastructure costs in order to have redundant mail systems".

The API is included in service provider accounts at no additional cost.

02.09.2010 - Support Added for Microsoft Outlook and other Email Clients to Connect to Email Disaster Recovery Service

Any standard desktop or mobile phone email clients can now connect to our email disaster recovery service.

Previously customers using our email continuity service had to have their employees login to a web based client to view spooled messages and reply-to or compose new messages. Now customers can setup Microsoft Outlook or any other email client their employees utilize to view and respond to any messages that fail-over to our disaster recovery service.

"By supporting standard desktop and mobile phone email clients, organizations receive seamless email disaster recovery for their employees," says Masood Rahim, Founder and CEO. "The user is already familiar with the email client they are using and now to be able to access our fail-over service using that same email client there is no productivity loss for the user. When their email server goes down any new emails they receive and the ability to send out new emails is immediately available using our service."

At a fraction of the cost of competing services, the added service is available for organizations of all sizes.

07.22.2009 - MXSave Email Disaster Recovery Service Processing Over 1 Million Emails Per Day

We are now processing over a million emails per day for customers utilizing our services.

Serving customers in several countries and organizations of all sizes, we have grown considerably since inception in June of 2007 with our backup MX (mail spooling in case of an outage at the primary mail server) and email continuity services.

"Organizations come to us with a simple problem. They don't want to spend thousands of dollars to provide high availability for their own email servers so they sign up for our service which does this for them at pennies per day," says Masood Rahim, Founder and CEO for MXSave. "Processing over a million messages per day shows the scalability of our network and the continued growth and trust our customers have put in us."

The service is useful for any organization that wants to eliminate the potential for lost email in case of an outage that impacts their email servers, as well as anyone that cannot afford to lose the ability to communicate with their customers during this downtime.

02.10.2009 - Service is Launched Internationally

MXSave has gone international!

With the availability of the service internationally, we have also added support for many foreign character sets that are necessary to read email from around the world through our web mail client - which is part of the email continuity add-on service.

"We have had great success with customers that were piloting the service from Europe and Canada," said Masood Rahim, founder and CEO of MXSave. "These international markets do not have many technology companies servicing their email disaster recovery needs. We have found the needs of customers all over the world are the same. These organizations rely on email to conduct business and without spending several thousand dollars to make their email systems reliable they can signup for our service for a few pennies per day to help them during outages".

01.20.2009 - Email Continuity Service Launched

Our email continuity service has launched. The email continuity service, which serves as an add-on service to the standard backup MX service, allows businesses to avoid email downtime during power outages, hardware failure or internet connectivity problems. The service is also priceless in times of natural disasters such as: hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires or floods - when an organizations email server is no longer online to accept email from customers and vendors or allow employees to check their email.

With our email continuity, each user at an organization can login to their account at and view their email while their mail server is offline as well as compose new messages or reply to messages. After adding the service an organizations email will automatically arrive on our systems if their mail server goes offline. Once their mail server is back online the email queued on our end is automatically delivered to the organizations mail server. The solution does not require the installation of any hardware or software.

"Our email continuity service allows organizations of all sizes to conduct business while they are dealing with whatever problem may have hampered their email services," said Masood Rahim, founder and CEO of MXSave. "Best of all, our service is easy to use and implement and costs a fraction of other solutions currently on the market."

Protect email in case of disasters and outages for only $49/month Sign Up now!