Find a solution that is less expensive and has the same functionality, we dare you.

Losing even a single message during an outage could cost your organization a lot of money. Our email continuity service allows your organization to continue to conduct business if your mail server has gone down. Your employees will still be able to receive emails as well as reply-to, forward or compose new messages using our web based email client and via pop3 or imap using their favorite email client software.


Automatic daily synchronization to Active Directory for mailboxes, distribution lists and aliases.

Mobile Friendly

Users can read and send messages using mobile devices with our mobile friendly web based system and using pop3 or imap.

Single Bundled Solution

25 users included with our base spooling and rolling archive solution. $1.00 per user/month for additional user licenses.

Common Questions regarding Email Continuity

Will all messages get synced back with my mail server?
Yes. Every message that arrives in a users inbox will also be sent to your mail server when it comes back online. Any messages they have sent out using our email continuity service during your outage also should be spooled and have a copy come back to your mail server when it comes back online. That message will arrive in the users inbox on your mail server but if you want you can look for a special message header we insert and automatically move that to their sent items.
How do I use Outlook or other email clients with your service?
It's very simple, after you add your users to our system you simply add a second profile in Outlook or other mail clients that checks our service for mail. When there is an outage they will automatically start seeing messages come into this additional profile. You can connect to us via pop3 & imap to receive email and smtp to send email. Secure versions of all these protocols are also supported. In addition your users can access our web portal to send/receive messages as well as access a mobile optimized version of our web portal on their mobile devices. And of course you can add a pop3 or imap account on your mobile device to check our service.
Does the email continuity happen automatically or do I have to flip a switch?
Everything happens automatically. There is no switch you have to flip.
How does your LDAP Synchronization work?
After you sign up you can setup our LDAP sync to get users out of your active directory. Simply setup a user that we can use to query the information and we will connect daily and synchronize your mailboxes, distribution groups and aliases. Passwords cannot be synchronized. Anytime a new user is created on our end via LDAP, an email is sent to them with their password.