Privacy Policy

We have developed this privacy policy to show our firm committment to your privacy and the information you share with us.

Information We Collect

Our web site utilizes cookies which are used to gather statistics for analyzing the amount and type of traffic to our web site. The reason we need this information is because we like to determine which sources of advertisements are effective in providing us new customers and to see how often people return to our web site, which is often a sign of happy customers. This traffic data is sent to a 3rd party partner where we can analyze the data. No personal information is sent.

We will never sell or exchange personal information. We may use aggregated information such as how many customers use MXSave and other aggregated information for marketing purposes, however we will never provide any of your confidential personal or company information.

Opt Outs

Customers may choose to opt out of any promotional or marketing materials they receive by following the instructions in the e-mail they have received.

EU Safe Harbor

We are committed to the strong privacy practices of the Safe Harbor policy for our customers in the European Union and other related countries. Please see our safe harbor privacy policy.

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