Frequently Asked Questions

If I sign up do I get immediate access to my account?
Yes! Unless you sign up as a reseller, those accounts go through an approval process. The regular business accounts get immediate access upon sign up and we are ready to spool emails immediately after you add our secondary mx record and add your users.
How secure are my emails on your systems?
All of our servers are located in a state of the art Rackspace data center in Dallas, Texas, which is one of the safest geographic regions in the United States. Our staff cannot view spooled messages for any domains, only you can within your account. Our application also utilizes standard secure sockets layer (SSL) communication with your web browser, thus the communication between your browser and our server is over a secure connection. Additionally your users email clients can communicate with our servers using secure pop3, secure smtp and secure imap.
Do I have to install anything on my server or users computer?
Our service is not complicated, there is no hardware or software to install. To activate the service for your domain involves a simple addition of our secondary MX records to your DNS files. A second mail profile can be setup in your users favorite mail application to check messages on our disaster recovery service.
Can I synchronize my email continuity users using LDAP?
Yes. We currently support synchronizing your users from Microsoft Active Directory. Your mailboxes, distribution groups, and aliases will always be kept current by our servers checking against your servers every day.
Is there a limit to how many messages we can receive or how much disk space we utilize?
There are no limitations on the number of messages received or disk space utilized. That is all included with your service. The only limit we place is that we don't accept any messages which contain over 35 MB in attachments in order to avoid denial of service attacks.
How often do your servers check to see if our mail server is back online?
Our servers retry sending spooled messages to your server every 1-2 hours. We'll automatically push the messages back to your server as soon as it comes back online. There is no manual method to push the messages as we retry extremely frequently around the clock.
Does your service kick in automatically?
The service will immediately start working when a sending email server is unable to connect to your primary mail server. There is nothing you have to do to initiate the failover, it happens automatically.
How long do you spool messages?
We spool messages for up to 21 days after receipt, or until your mail server comes back online, whichever occurs first.
Do you do any spam and virus scanning of emails?
In order to protect you and ourselves we do some high level anti-spam and anti-virus filtering. We will never block a message, anything tagged as spam is quarantined and available for 7 days to be reviewed by a domain administrator. With that being said, we are not a typical spam filtering service. We are only a email disaster recovery service, so you shouldn't point all your mail to pass through our servers. The primary MX record should always be directed to your main mail infrastructure.
Does your service work with other appliance based and hosted spam filtering solutions?
Absolutely. Many of our customers utilize Barracuda and other on-premise email security appliances. Additionally many of our customers utilize hosted spam filtering solutions from companies such as McAfee, Symantec, Mailroute, Appriver, Google Postini, and more. Our service works in either of these cases. If you are using a hosted spam filtering service we recommend you do not use our secondary mx records and instead point the failover server in your hosted anti-spam configuration to us.
Does your service work with hosted email solutions such as Office365?
The answer to this is a bit complicated. Our service can work in these cases. However, because we push such a large number of messages from our spoolers to the hosted email provider, they usually think our servers are attacking their network and as a result could block connections from us. If you have control on whitelisting or allowing our connections to come through at your hosted email provider or if you don't mind not receiving the messages that were spooled on your provider then you can use our service. Remember your users will be able to review those messages that arrived on our spooling servers.
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