Why Choose Us

This is all we do and all we have ever done

Below you will find the reasons on why you should choose us over any competing service.

We only do Email Continuity

You may wonder why this even matters? We focus on just a single area, what to do when your mail server goes down. We've only been focusing on this since the company started in 2007. We've listened to customers over the years and have tried to perfect our service as much as possible. While everyone else is bundling this with other solutions or providing this as one of 10 other things they might offer.

Straight Forward and Clear Pricing!

Go ahead and click this link to search google for email continuity. Click on the search listings as well as the ads and try to find some pricing information. Try to navigate through the muddy waters on what is even included in their email continuity services. We'll wait... Find any information on pricing or any useful hints about how their services even work? If you are really feeling brave try to get more information on their products, usually you are directed to a form and won't even find phone numbers to call. If you are lucky to find a number, call it and see if you can get any useful information, especially about pricing.
You get the idea. You can easily go to our pricing page for information or click on the links under the learn more section of our web site to get intricate details about everything.

What Really Separates Us Apart

  • Cost: If you are really lucky enough to actually somehow get pricing information from competitors, you will see they are a lot more expensive.
  • Functionality: Almost everyone else only allows your users to login to a web portal to send/receive email during your outage. We allow you to login to our web console as well as support pop3/imap/smtp. So your users can continue to use email clients such as Outlook which they are familiar with, or add an account on their mobile phones to interface with their email on our end.
  • Flexibility: We don't force you to use our spam filter, we don't even sell spam filtering! Use anything as you want as your spam filter, even use our competitors spam filters. Our service provides you this flexibility and works with hosted spam filtering solutions as well as on-premise appliances.
  • Expertise: We know what customers need for their email disaster recovery needs. We've been doing it a long, long time. We were providing failover email solutions to tons of business in the northeast part of the United States during Hurricane Sandy. We learned a lot during that time and our solution scaled. Even now we continue to implement and evolve our solution by listening to you and making sure you can communicate with customers and vendors during highly stressful email outages.

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