About Us

We make sure your email services are always available

Email is the most important type of communication all organizations rely on. Our sole purpose is to make sure that you never lose any email when you have a problem with your mail server. Servers do crash, network problems affecting internet connectivity do occur, and natural disasters do happen. There is no reason to be blindsided by these problems. You can build a lot of redundancy in your mail systems and spend tens of thousands of dollars in infrastructure and ongoing maintenance, or you can rely on our inexpensive, yet flexible cloud services for peace of mind.

Founded in 2007, MXSave has emerged as the service organizations around the world rely on in case they have mail server outages. Our goal is to become as synonomous with email disaster recovery as Google is with the term "search". Prior to 2007, the founder of our company had co-founded a web hosting and email security business. As CTO of that business for 7 years, he saw how critical email was and how to increase fault tolerance for email systems. MXSave was born after providing ancillary store & forward services to those systems throughout the years.

There are many companies offering similar services to ours as part of their other offerings. Some that are extremely cheap and some that are extremely expensive. For us this is our bread and butter. This is all we do so we strive to do it better than anyone else. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service and a solution that allows your organization to continue to conduct business as usual in the event you have mail server problems.

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